Wife Uses and Abuses My Ass

I’ve tried to persuade my wife to use a strapon on me but, so far, she has refused.
Recently, I arranged a little surprise for her.
Whist she was out, I arranged some self-bondage ropes across our bed, so that I could easily tie my spread ankles at the base of the bed and lean over to also tie my hands either side of the bed so that I was totally prone.
Beforehand, I had set out my wife’s vibrator and some lube and fitted my blindfold.
When my wife arrived home, she found me spread across the bed.
“What’s all this?” She asked.
I replied “Since you won’t use a strapon on me, could you please f*** my ass with your vibrator?”
“If you are sure that’s what you want” she sighed.
“Yes please, and the harder the better!”
My wife then lubed up the vibrator, eased it into my ass and steadily thrust it in and out, faster and faster.
I then asked her to check out our s** toy drawer in the base of the bed.
“What on earth is this?” She asked.
“It’s my new extra- large black vibrating butt plug” I replied “please can you f*** my ass with it?”
“Are you really sure about this? This thing is huge!”
“Yes I’m sure” I replied. “Just start slow and steady and build up the speed and penetration”.
In she pressed the plug and, after some resistance it suddenly popped all the way in as I cried out in delight.
She steadily slid the huge plug in and out, taking it most of the way out before plunging it back in. She was getting the hang of this!
I enjoy watching hard core pegging p*** videos, whilst my wife uses and abuses my ass. She has become very adept at emulating the speed, rhythm and extent of penetration in the videos, which heightens the stimulation enormously, as I imagine myself as the recipient of the on-screen pegging.
“Harder, faster,” I urged her, and she built up quite a pace as I moaned.
This went on for some 20 minutes before I shot a huge load of c** all over the bed.
“Right, you cumslut” she said “you can just lick up and swallow all that mess you’ve made and tidy up this carnage”.
Needless to say, I duly obliged and enjoyed every second.
We’ve repeated this scenario several times, but she still refuses to use a strapon on me.
I live in hope.

Apr 19

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