I love wearing women's panties

First time I put on a pair of panties I was 5 years old and fell in love I'm 50 and still love wearing women's panties

Apr 20

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  • I love wearing panties

  • You cocksuckers stop associating your q**** selves with us straight panties lovers damn it

  • I wear size 6 panties and I love WOMEN and love to eat p****...kitty whatever you call it and hump away, j******* so what panties are better.

  • I wear panties size 5 and I suck p**** also

  • I Love sucking p****

  • I'm n washington county pa

  • I wear panties

  • I b****** head also

  • I like sucking p**** alao

  • My 37 inch hips...

  • 12 years old, my first panties. Something that feels this good you will always want. The only way to stop thinking about panties is to wear them everyday even to bed. J*** off if you have to, but put a clean pair on. Wear them to work everywhere. Express your love for panties online. Like this> " I love wearing nylon panties! I love putting new ones on!" Find out what fits and feels good so you don't waste$ Sizing.....m7 37 inch hips like size 7 sometimes 6....Men love wearing panties. You will get sexual pleasure young , old or in between. Comfort......guys with average junk and the small p**** guys will have an easier time in panties... Average here, glad not to have a big d***. My wife like mine so who cares? I wake up in panties with an erection it's wonderful !!

  • I'm in high-school and also have been wearing panties since I was 5 and trading my boy panties with a kindergarten classmate who had the prettiest ruffled parties. Mom started getting me my own...I'm glad that you're an adult and still doing it as that's been a worry for me like "What's gonna happen to me when I get older!"

  • Are you referring to knickers? Because I've got quite a collection! My name is Boris Johnson and I am not a Soviet Union spy.

  • Decenzūruoti.

  • I am wearing panties, so many tried them when we were young. Nylon hipsters and briefs mostly. I am actually glad to have a 5 inch d***, when it is hard it still fits in my panties....My b**** rarely hurt in my panties....guys dream of filling their own panty drawers, uh huh .

  • Guys dream of what?

  • Since I was about 12, I want to wear nylon panties so I do.

  • They do feel gorgeous don't they sweetie especially the silk vintage variety!!

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