S** Play

I feel embarrassed about what my girl friend liked to do to me before we have s** i have to lie down naked while she sucks my nipples with her finger up my bottom ime not complaining because i enjoy it and i do the same to her, does it mean ime a bit gay enjoying her probing my a***.
Comments please Jed

May 2

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  • All social media outlets are run by shiteating Satanworshipping pedofaggots intent on corrupting the morals of children and turning women into masochists. Social media is a transocracy, where free speech is given to every tranny & f***** & pedofile & s** freak & weirdo, but is explicitly denied to all heteronormative people. We know what the sodomites are about. LEVITICUS 20:13.

  • Pretty sure Leviticus 20:13 doesn't say that. There isn't any swearing in the bible.

  • Social media is explicity PRO-PISSLAM and ANTI-CHRISTOID. Social media is very implicity PRO-BLACK and ANTI-WHITE in the false guise of being obsessively antiblack and procucking to nonwhites. If on Twitter you're not a tranny, your account won't last long. Mine lasted a week.

  • WTF is a CHRISTOID? A robot?

  • The words "white" and "Christian" trigger a response amounting to "BLM + riots/protests + peaceful." They don't want whites or Christianity to exist any more. Jews want obedient slaves all who look & talk & behave like Kylie Jenner. GOD EXISTS.

  • All the antisemitism on Twitter is designed to make people hate fascism & to conflate fascism with the white race. It's white genocide, plain and simple.

  • White =/= fascist. White nationalism = Antiwhite femboys wanting to mix white women with black men & mix white men with yellow and brown girls. The result = a clay-colored mass of slaves obedient to the Illuminati Cabbalists. Jews sabotage the efforts of anyone who stands up to them.

  • No. Lots of straight couples enjoy assplay. (It's a turnoff for me, but I don't judge those who enjoy it.) If you find yourself attracted to men, then you might be gay or bi.

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