I want my wife to have s** with other men.

My wife (25) and I (39) have talked about it and she has entertained the thought of her cucking me. She has started off by letting me take pics and videos of her and showing them online and to friends. She saw the feedback, so decided to take it Omegle and then doing webcam m*********** sessions with random guys (to feel out the situation) and it really spiced things up between us and we had amazing s**. Next step is obviously finding someone local and starting off small with a handjob, b******* or letting them eat her p****, but that's all on pause because things are busy right now. The thing is, is that I am semi-bisexual and she doesn't know and I want to eventually get involved so I can for example, suck his c*** or take the load if my wife doesn't want it, but again, she doesn't know that. I did ask her what she'd think about me eating the c** out of her p**** and she looked really confused because I don't come across as that, but she said that it would be hot. She asked why I would do that, so I told it her it's different and it's okay under certain circumstances, but in all reality eating c** is hot, and eating it out of a p**** is a bonus. I want to just tell her I love c***, but I don't know how to bring it to her attention. I'm sure she'll be okay with it, but after 6 years, she's going to have a lot of questions. I'm not letting her cuck me just for that, that's just a bonus. I'd like to get to a point where we can find a guy that's bi that we can both have fun with.

May 3

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