Big B**** are not FUN

In this culture big b**** are a thing. As a woman with big b**** let me say it is not a thing we want. I have been saving for three years for breast reduction surgery. It's not only the social thing, it's the uncomfortable weight on your chest, like carrying around two milk jugs, pardon the pun.

May 5

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  • I'd rather hear what your b**** have to say about this.

  • If my GF got breast reduction surgery and it was like breast cancer related I’d leave her . I’m sorry but sexual compatibility is important and I love big ol t******

  • So it has to be cancer related?
    You are an a$$ and I hope she sees you for the piece of $hit you are! You should walk in someone else's shoes before you carelessly fire off a stupid comment like that.
    I replied below.
    My breast reduction was not cancer related a-hole!
    My body could not handle the weight as I got older. I've struggled with celiac all my life and can't gain weight. The only time I was over 100lb was during the second trimester of my pregnancies.
    After my third pregnancy, my body was done! Have you had a bone test? I bet not! It's painful!
    During my pregnancies, my body had pulled minerals from my bones to feed my precious children. My b****** had also swollen an added size too. My back hurt and my bones ached.
    I had the surgery in 2017. I'm glad I did!
    My body doesn't hurt any more and I can exercise, run, hike and swim again.

  • And it WASNT breast cancer related . Obviously that’s a different story . I’m an a****** but not that much of an a******

  • My best friend of 25 years and I are two different body types. She's a bottle blonde, tall, slim cause she's a personal trainer and works out all the time.
    I'm voluptuous. 5" 4', curvy, brunette, a few extra pounds and 36DD. My b**bs are my best feature.
    Since we became friends, I've noticed her husband checking out my b**bs. I enjoyed the attention so I'd secretly flash him when no one was around.
    Our kids are grown and moved out. When everything was lifted from Covid, the four of us booked a house at the beach.
    One morning my friend went out for her morning run. She'd be gone an hour. My husband was still in bed from drinking an entire bottle of Jack and wouldn't be up till afternoon.
    The two of us were having coffee and I took my top off. Things got a little crazy. I gave him a b******* and he t*tty F**ked my twins.

  • I agree. I hate jogging. It’s so uncomfortable and impossible to keep the twins under control.

    But I have to say men love them.

    I love receiving pearl necklaces

  • And cream pies

  • Cream pies are good too

  • It's also good for breastfeeding in a world low on formula

  • You will not regret it!
    I'm 4"8' and all my life I struggled to gain weight. I barely tip the scales at 100lb. I developed early as a 32DD. The most I weighted was during my pregnancies. Then I went to a 32DDD. My feet and back hurt all the time. My doctor suggested the surgery.
    Whew! 4 years later my entire body feels relief!
    I admit in my younger years enjoying the attention the 'girls' got. Lord knows I used to wear low cut tank tops, blouses and bikini tops to show them off. Now that I'm older and mature, I'm all about feeling comfortable.
    Good luck with your surgery and post an update afterward.

  • You have a lucky husband

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