My kink is recording myself having s** with men

Way back in my early teens I rode my bicycle everywhere. Coming home after spending the afternoon with a friend I took the shortcut through the trailer park. In the back, where the cheaper trailers were, I saw this small trailer and saw it rocking back and forth. The curiosity got to me and I got off my bike and walked around back and looked in the window. I watched two men making out and having s**. I got hard and I wasn't able to contain myself and I came in my pants. But it was worth it.

March forwards 30 years and I'm sitting on a couch in a two dollar motel watching a man get naked, he's normal, not fat, not skinny, he's ok looking and I ask him to come close and I take his p**** in my hand and start sucking on it. It feels good to have a p**** in my mouth, especially letting it grow in my mouth. Later we're rocking on the bed, I'm on top giving it all I've got, he's making all sorts of noises, shouting, the bed is squeaking and the headboard knocking against the wall. I get off and open his cheeks and lick for several minutes.

I take the money out of my wallet and leave it on the dresser and sit back and watch him stand naked, I ask him to come over and I suck his p**** some more, I have turn around and I get one last long lick in before he gets dressed to go. I collect my things, I've paid in advance so I just close the door and get in my car to leave. I wait a while, ten minutes, and the man in the closet comes out and flashes me a sign, he got it all recorded. I go home and put it on the television and watch the video and m********* and add it to my collection.

May 10

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