I am a teen and I can't stop watching p*** and it's gone on for almost 6 years yes even as I was a tween. Not for pleasure reasons and even if I hypothetically decide to 'touch myself' it is a scenario I've created in my head while watching so called video. There was a time where I didn't watch or touch myself for 6 months and boy did I feel good but now I'm back. It doesn't feel good and everytime I stop I have the urge to watch it for curiosity reasons but then I see the way they portray women on some of these videos it's horrid! If you're going to make p*** at least make it equal and show that women can be just as dominant as men. Anyways does anyone have any advice and things to do specifically late at night between 9.10pm to 11.30pm instead of watching p***? I really don't want to continue watching it and if I do consume sexual content it'll be things that I like that I want to watch or read or listen to that makes me feel good not uncomfortable or grossed out. It's gotten to the point that I feel that I could be asexual because the idea of having s** with someone makes me so uncomfortable and I don't exactly have any sexual attraction even really towards the guy I like currently. It's strange. Anyways any advice?

May 14

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  • Femdom. Look it up.

  • There are some p*** rehab apps you can use

  • Get a toy from bad dragon

  • Sounds like you're only watching one type of p***. There are plenty made by women that are more ' equal' as you say, so go watch those. As for women being just as dominant, yeah very few, and guess what, most women don't want to see that anyway. They want to be ravished and have their ass worshipped, not have to tell the guy what to do. Big turnoff for most. It doesn't sell. The numbers don't lie.

  • You missed It. He wants to stop

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