I f****** hate my sister

My sister has tried to commit suicide multiple times and i hate her for it. She never actually wants to die she just wants to have a 'cool' mental disorder and to go to the mental hospital and all of her 'attempts would never actually work. She can also never do anything f****** right. Her rooms always messy, gets s***** grades, angers the whole family, and even hurts us financially but my parents still love her. If i tried to pull anything that she did i would be punished accordingly but with her they just give her a stern talking to and leave it be. I wish she would finally just go through with her s***** attempts on suicide and leave the family better off.

May 14

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  • It sounds like she is actually depressed/quite mentally ill. it’s not an excuse for (presumably) intentionally angering your family but she’s clearly going through a lot.

  • I hate my UNsister but for different reasons then yours. But I can empathize. Would that my Unsister only abused herself instead of others. Just a sad, horrible, misandric (opposite of misogynist) person. I have wanted to do something dire to that f****** c*** but my future and my freedom is a h*** of a lot more
    Important than her! Let's hope that her own hatefulness burns her to death!

  • Very good chance she has a personality disorder. Or least some other serious mental illness. Probably can't help her behaviour. It's hard to live with, but one day you'll move out and be free. You're parents are screwed though

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