My daughter asked me (dad) to teach her how to give a b*******

I know she has seen my j*** off countless times. l used try to avoid her seeing, now l try to coordinate so she will see, and when she does, she stays and watches now.
She has gotten more bold and now comes in my room and sits on the bed while l do it.
Its natural, to learn about the body at home, l think, and when she has questions, we discuss them.
The last few days she has come in and watched me a few times, twice asking if she could undress, if l would like that, and she does. Her beautiful soft skin, smooth body,no hair, flat chest, sets me off in seconds.
Well, this morning she asked if this evening l would let her stroke me and teach her about oral s**.
Jesus l want to, but l don't know if that's going to far. And, what if...more?
Maybe its just me,I'm widowed 7 years now, and yeah, lovely, but she can't want me to teach that...right?

May 16

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  • I did, and now she does it everyday.
    But now l want more, her o*** is so great and she hungrily sw*****ws all of it. Last night, she asked me to 'make her a woman' and make love to her. l want to So much, but maybe this is already to far, and s** would just add too an already odd situation...She hasn't even started having periods yet.

  • If you two reached this level - I think there is no objection to go through all the way of s**.

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