Mormon Wife Became a Nude Art Class Model

We moved to the Midwest twenty years ago from Arizona chasing a job. I just turned 50 and am bored at work. I used to be into art in high school and I always told myself that I would resume it when I had time. We’ll at 50 I figured it was time and decided to take a class at the local community college. I signed up for a human form drawing class. When my nurse wife came from the hospital I broke the news that I’d signed up for a class. When I told her what it was she got that questioning look on her face and then asked if I was going to have to draw nude people. I told her yes that that was what the class was. Part of her confusion and frankly surprise was because we are Uber church going Mormons. Now we aren’t prudes or anything We have a really good sexy life. I wouldn’t even say that in that area we are conservative. We both keep in great shape. She’s 5’9, works out 6 days a week and is arguably in better shape today than the day we got married.
Anyway I told her it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t sexual, and everyone in the class, models included, were probably treating it as an opportunity to learn or in the case of the models, just a little extra money. She stopped asking questions at that point but I didn’t get the feeling the issue was settled.
Three weeks later was the first class. I was looking forward to it I think for more than one reason. Confessing here, i was a little excited to see another naked woman since as Mormons we don’t do p***. I had already bought my supplies so walking in I was good to go. I wasn’t the first to arrive so I took work space on the second row. There were only two rows so everyone had a good view. Roughly twenty students total.
The teacher came in, spoke briefly to the class and told us that indeed we would be using real human models and to please treat them with respect since it was always a challenge to find people willing to disrobe for $15 dollars an hour. And since some of the poses were extremely intimate and revealing we wanted them to feel comfortable. She also said she would be turning up the heat a little so that the room would not be too cold. Finally she said we would be diving right in. For the first hour we would be drawing a female and doing two different poses. She would be positioning the mode each time. We would then have a 10 minute break and then would have a male and a female pose for the last half of the class.
The teacher then called for the female model to come in. She entered from the rear of the class. I was facing forward and arranging my supplies. When I looked up I noticed a tall blond in a robe with her back toward my direction. The class room was a three sided class with students on three sides facing where the subject would be posing. The teacher was whispering to the model giving instructions and what seemed to be a pep talk. She was obviously new to this and was going to pose on the white wooden box at the front. At that moment she untied her white robe and handed it to the teacher and climbed onto the box then slid around to face the the class.
It was at that moment the words “holy s***” came out of my mouth. I don’t think anyone heard me except for the young kid to my left. The model was Lauren! My wife!!!
She was obviously searching the class for me. We made eye contact and at that moment her seemingly apprehensive gaze turned into a slight smile as our eyes communicated. What, I still don’t know. Perhaps it was my utter shock and surprise and for her it was her naughty intent of protesting my signing up to draw naked women. It was then I became mildly aroused. I could tell she still wasn’t sure but I smiled at her. I didn’t want to cause a scene and I surely didn’t want the class to know that I knew who the model was. That first pose The teacher had her lie on her side with her back and bare butt forward facing. She looked hot. I tried to focus and just drew her backside. At the end of the night I wanted my work to say “you didn’t get to me. See, I just focused on my drawing.”
After 20 minutes the teacher allowed Lauren to put the robe back on and take a short break to stretch and get ready for the next pose. A wooden bar stool was brought to the front. The teacher had Lauren sit on it with her legs open and her hands and arms holding her long hair off her neck as she slightly tilted her head back. After perfecting the pose the teacher helped her remove the robe. I will admit this time I was shocked. Lauren appears to be fairly comfortable if not enjoying this. In preparation for this little exhibitionist adventure she shaved her p***y completely. And with her posing with her legs open at a greater than 45 degree angle, her labias were completely open. It looked like a pink flower opening. Knowing her intimately I could see her c*** starting to peek out from her hood. I also noticed she was moist. In fact moist would not be the word. She was wet! I then started to look around the class. It was 50/50 males and females. The young kid to my left I could tell had a b****. In fact it was after class I noticed several of the guys had wet marks on their trousers. Clearly they enjoyed my wife.
I went to work drawing. This was not my best work. I was feeling conflicted. I was clearly turned on, and also jealous. I was confused, and at the same time fully understood why she did it, to get at me. And then there was the excited aroused thing going on. Did I say that already? But I was enjoying myself. She was too in a weird exhibitionist sort of way.
We finished up that drawing and were given a break. Lauren put her robe back on, looked right at me with piercing eyes and a smirk and left to the back of the room.
After another 5 minutes the teacher called everyone back in and motioned for the TA to get the models for the final drawing for the class. In walked a fairly well built guy about 23 years old I’d guess. And right behind him walked in my wife. This time as she walked in she kept looking at me still with that smirk. The teacher then had them disrobe and proceeded to have the male stand behind my wife but slightly offset so the class could see both subjects. She then had the male wrap his arms around Lauren with one hand holding her right breast. What!!!! I was going nuts…but in a confused good way. She then pulled them together to make it look intimate. And had him lean back against the wooden block and her with her butt leaning up against him almost like they were cuddling. His p**** and b**** were clearly touching her hip. I was feeling some jealousy. Only because I knew how much she likes to cuddle and one could tell he was enjoying it too because mid way through the pose he began to get a bit of an erection. The teacher then instructed everyone to feel free to come closer to get a view from a different angle if needed. I took advantage. Getting closer it was obvious her nipples were erect..and it wasn’t cold in the room, and she had some glistening between her legs. I also noticed she had some precum on her hip. This may have just been an academic exercise for the students and an intended side cash gig for the models, but this was enjoyable…both for the students and definitely for the models. I found myself intrigued. I saw a side of Lauren I was happy to see. She wasn’t having s** with him. This wasn’t p***. To me it was almost like donating your time and body for academic research. And I guess that’s why I was able to enjoy it.
As the class ended, I left alone. Walking out I overheard several male students talk about how hot the “MILF” was and in what position they would personally “pose” with her. I just smiled.
I had been home for about 30 minutes drinking a Diet Coke when Lauren walked in. She was wearing yoga pants. She looked a bit sheepish. I just asked how her day was. We just started at each other intently until I started to laugh which broke the ice and she did too. She then told me why she did it. She was hurt I was going to go draw another woman, naked! So she decided to teach me a lesson and went to see if they needed any models for the class. Coincidentally they were still trying to find a female so she agreed to do it immediately. What she didn’t realize was how “open” and on display her most intimate areas, ie. p***y, would be. Nor did she predict that she was going to thoroughly enjoy the experience. And the bonus was she got to pose, be touched, and rub up against a “man” half her age. With that I shared how confused I was by all the different emotions I had during class but overall I was so turned on by it. I, of course added that there was no need to feel guilty due to our Mormon faith. This was all in the pursuit of education and helping to develop the talents of others. Something our faith preaches. She admitted she still wanted to continue doing it for at least the rest of the semester. I told her I had no problem with it. In fact I wanted her too.
With that I took her by the hand onto the patio which is fully visible by three neighbors homes. I whispered to her how h**** I was and kissed her and then uncontrollably pulled off her shirt and bra and yanked her yoga pants off. In full view of the neighbor’s homes I laid her on the patio table and proceeded to eat her out. The slight musky smells and flavors due to her moistness and sweat drove me nuts. She quickly came. After a few minutes, with a sloppy face, I turned her over and entered her from behind. In less than a minute I e********* inside her v*****. It had been building up all afternoon!

Side note: Two days later Lauren ran into one of our neighbors while she was on her late morning walk. The neighbor mentioned that she had watched us s*** on the patio while she was making dinner. She wouldn't tell anyone but told Lauren how much she enjoyed the show.

May 20

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  • I didn't even read the whole thing, but as a gallery owner and an artist, let me say. Nude modeling isn't fun or sexy, it sucks. You have to sit still and try to be an object like a photograph... For hours, and the people painting, it's not sexy. The people painting are studying shadow and light, focusing on pigment and paintbrushes, so much concentration on the painting, mind wandering off to a coffee pot 10 years ago and a dog chewing on a dirty stuffed dragon.... An artists mind engages the creation and everything far away, not the subject. Your wife isn't in danger while the creative process is happening. It's not until the paint has been capped and cleared and maybe she's seen how a deeper perspective can find the glory of God in her and render it to a stretched piece of cloththat she may become vulnerable to stray. An artist is definitely attractive, but while at work, a model, be it fruit or flesh, is just a thing. A thing who is reflecting the light and changing colors in the shadows. Anyway. S*** job. $25 an hour.

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