My PTSD is getting out of hand, and I'm not sure what to do.

Hey everyone, nice to meet you all, and I hope you're having a great day/night!

I just wanted to confess this because I don't really have anywhere else to go unfortunately to talk about it, but I was diagnosed with PTSD last summer, and in the fall, I transferred universities and now go to a new school. My former university wasn't perfect, but there was so much to love about it, and it was a great change for me. Even though we were online most of the year because of the COVID pandemic, I didn't have to deal with bullying like I did when I was a child, and I didn't need to deal with racist/homophobic people, which was nice.

But things at my new university have been really bad unfortunately. I've met so many creepy people who make me uncomfortable, people who aren't understanding, and I just feel really unsafe most places I go, and it makes me really sad. My PTSD symptoms have been intensifying too because the people I were close to back in high school and my former university, I'm actually starting to become more distant from them.

I'm really happy for my friends back from my high school and former university because their lives are getting better, and I want nothing but them to be really happy, so it makes me happy to see them happy. But I think we're going to different directions, and I know realizing that I'm losing touch with them is so selfish because I have to learn to let them go, but it feels really painful honestly, especially while having to deal with the memories of the trauma I've been through while also dealing with the unsupportive student body at my school.

I'm so sorry for all of this, but thank you to everyone who is reading and listening. It means a lot.

May 25

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  • Unfortunately for you, the university environment is the worst place to be with PTSD. That sort of mental health condition is best treated by desensitization techniques; basically reduce the emotional impact of your memories and then reframing them in a more positive and functional way. The university environment teaches you the opposite. Safe spaces, sensitivity training, anti-racism all have the unfortunate side effect of making people hyper-sensitive and hyper-vigilant, which is the complete opposite to desensitization training. You may best be served by leaving school and just getting a job and getting your hands dirty. Get out of your head and into the physical world.

  • Oh my gosh! I wish you the best of luck and go get help.

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