Girlfriend introduced me to nudity and two lovely ladies

Two years ago we met, hit it off, and were constantly f****** so I moved in and have fallen for her daughters as well. Mom is now 34, I'm 22, and daughters are 17 and 14. A terrific open family that was raised that nudity is the norm at home. It's new to me and I go more nude with time. A first shocker was her then 14 yo telling me I needed to shave (my privates). I thought part of the nudity thing was not checking each other out. I was always overdressing and they were trying to enlighten me and to feel closer to nature. It's not all total nudity we wear some form of clothing when not bathing, swimming, hot tub, sun bathing, showering, etc. And we don't masturb__e in the open. The mom and I do it for and with one another and occasionally we loose control. We don't start in front of the girls but we don't just stop to run and hide so we know we are sometimes heard and seen. I'm so curious what and how the girls get off. Based upon their open acceptance maybe they share. What and who do they think about when mast_rbat_ng. They are fine regardless, whether they are nude, in nighties, loose tops, panties, no panties, bras, no bras, thongs. They are big on sheer and silk. My favorites are the see-through silk white tight panties meshing into there balled p__sies. Or watching them remove those panties. I more frequently get aroused when they have a little something on as opposed to total nudeness. I think it's the idea of me removing it. Some of their clothing is so revealing why bother although we do keep towels around in case of unexpected company. Girls don't show arousal the way men do. I think it only fair that they share the tease I feel and know how difficult it is to not go total erection state even if their mom thinks it's normal. But things happen like when my d*** rose so hard and big even with boxers that it hit the youngest ones bare ass cheek lushly hanging out the bottom of her t shirt. It was natural and instinctive that I pushed my d*** and hips inward with my head sliding across her silky smooth but. But it was so brief I doubt she noticed. Sexual thoughts were running through me. She's my favorite. I think it's the way I watched her go through puberty, the changes, and her development. She's raw and never been tooled. I couldn't because these ladies are full of love and compliments to one another as well as me. Perhaps this is why they are so comfortable with their flawless bodies. My girlfriend has instilled fine qualities and openness into her family. I'm thinking she will be good with me teaching her daughters when they become of age, provided that's what they want. They are eager now. The youngest more so than her sister. I think it was the early age bonding and the way my d*** moved across her ass.

May 29

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