Was she a s***

When I met my wife to be… she was 25 almost 26.
18 different guys c**** had already been up her.
Three had s** with her by the time she was 15
Many of her lovers were one night stands…

At 24 she started having s** with two teenagers.
One was 17 the other was 16!
They would call round and f*** her on different days separately when the other one was not there.

She didn’t want to tell me about them to start with and lied… but I pressured her until she admitted it!

She said, with both of them being young they really f***** her hard and a bit rough… both came quite quickly!!

Both wore condoms to start with, But a few months later the 16 year old had her bare back!
She also admitted that she sucked the 16 year olds c***!
But not the 17 year olds!!

What are your thoughts about her sexual total…
Is she loose?

Jun 1

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  • Let those boys but a baby in her.

  • I think its ok to have high s** drive but she had s** with minors...call the police on her.

  • One man's "s***" is just another man's "good sport". That's what we called gals like that.

  • She is living the dream of every woman

  • In my opinion I think this is a bit too much come man teenager really

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