I belong to a man and he keeps me as a his s***

I am 29 and I had never had s**. I was a virgin. 23 at the time. My boss is a man who likes to go to adult stores and adult s** shows. I know because he told me and thought it would be good for me to go and get my hangups out of the way. I agreed to go with him and he took me to an adult store and forced me to pick out a d**** and go up to the cashier and buy it. That's not all, he took me to the car and forced me to take off my panties and insert the d**** in my v***** while he watched. He told me I wasn't a virgin any more and how he could go ahead and use me the way he wanted. Bent over with my legs apart and his d*** in my ass.

He went back into the store and bought a*** lube and took me back to the office, he has night access, and we went up to the large conference room on 19. He gave me the lube and told me to lube up my ass and then bend over the conference table. If I didn't lube up my ass he was going to f*** me anyway. With his hand on my back he f***** me first vaginally and then went in my ass. We went back down to the car and my panties were on the floorboard and asked me to give them to him as memento of me losing my virginity.

I carry lube with me. He has f***** me in the ass in many public places, parks, parking lots, dance clubs. Not always bent over, standing with his arms around me getting in my ass. I get f***** normally, missionary, when he's tired and wants to get it out of the way. During the pandemic he had me shave down completely. We bought wax to wax me as well. He likes my little girl look.

It's hard to have an adult relationship with him. It's a sexual relationship. Granted he keeps me on a leash and away from any other man. All his. It's been five years and I want to get married and settle down. I am not asking to stop the s**, he can have the s**, I'll wear the leash.

Jun 11

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