I have a massive tickling fetish and it kinda sucks!

My ultimate turn-on in the world is tickling women. It's all that I fantasize about and the thing I desire most to do with a woman, even more than having s**! The only p*** I get into watching is videos of women (usually in bondage) getting ruthlessly tickled to hysterics and all I dream about is finding a really ticklish woman who'd let me just tickle the living h*** out of her all over until she literally couldn't bear another second of tickling.

If I could find a ticklish woman to indulge this passion of mine, I'd do just about anything to make her as happy as tickling her would make me but it's such an embarrassing thing to talk about. So far, I've only gotten to playfully tickle a few girls and women I've known for a few seconds here and there but I really desperately want to do it so much more! Why can't I just have normal, vanilla sexual appetites like other other guys such as t***, a****, p******, etc? Nope, for me it's all about ticklish feet, bellies, ribs, armpits, etc. Oh well...

Jun 12

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