Remedy for premature e**********(PE)

This is not a confession.
I would like to know from men here what they do to last longer in bed? When I am with my girlfriend for 10 years I am so excited that I e******** with 2 minutes.
Could men please share their experiences on PE?

Remedy with or without medicine?

Jun 17

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  • Easy, when you m*********, if you go fast you teach your brain to go fast, slow down, slow pace, train your mind, then your body, and when you feel the o***** slow down change position. I did, it work, now she as issue making me c**....and I can f*** her brainless

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  • I use a p**** sheath made of thermal material and then wear a condom. This way the sensitivity of my p**** is reduced a lot and on the other hand, the girth of my c*** is increased a bit. I can f*** her quite easily for half an hour or more till she o****** repeatedly and asks me to stop. TRY...

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  • Find a woman who gets off quick. I knew one who took about 40 seconds

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