Picked up a crossdresser and had s** with him

I stopped by in Cleveland to see a vendor. We had problems with them and the meeting was confrontational and unpleasant. I was worn out . I went for a walk that evening after dinner, I was in a downtown hotel, i found a bar, one of those bars that drinkers frequent. Alone at the bar nursing a Manhattan. A woman was there, she was nursing white wine. Our eyes met and she came over and asked if I wanted company. I bought her a glass of wine.

I knew that she was a barfly and she hit on customers, get them to drink, buy her drinks, and if they wanted, and agreed to the price, she would walk back with them to their hotel room. I knew the type. But that night I was open, she got close, touched my hand, got me to open up, to say things you don't tell your therapist. She went back with me to the hotel.

We made out on the bed. She whispered that she had a secret and if I kissed her again she would let me in on it. Her secret is that she had a p****. Oh s***. But I was numb from the drinks and the day and she (or he) sucked me in a way that no woman can. His p**** never got in the way, sure I touched it and kissed and sucked on it, but the rest was purely no different than between a man and woman, and she (he) was prepared, had the spray bottle of lube, and offered me condom which I turned down and s** was missionary. It was the best e********** I had. Complete, full e**********.

He left after dressing and gathering his things, again he looked like a woman, a bar fly, his smile, his eyes, he had been at this for a long, long time. When he was dressed up he was a woman, it was only when the secret had to be let out that she and he became blurred. And a man sucks a p**** and has intercourse with a man.

17 days

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  • And now you have AIDS..

  • How did he suck it so good I have got to know

  • Wow. I don’t know what I’d have done but if it was really cute and I’d wanted to “go”… I’d certainly used that condom. Also, no way I’d suck on any part of him/her.

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