June sucks

Bro idk why but ive been crying every single day since june is it just me? I thought summer would be fun cuz i was in this trio and we were so f****** close but nooo one of them needed to drop me n my other friend cuz of her mom but she doesnt want to drop us dw but ever since she left she didnt come back now its j me n my other friend but noo she got other f****** friends its so annoying they all look like pieces of s**** once we me n her did a sleepover at her house one of her other friends invited her to call so they called BRO I WAS LITERALLY RIGHT BESIDE HER ITS SO FRUSTRATING I WANTED TO SAY SMTH TO HER BUT SHE HAD TO F****** SHUSH ME SO THEY WOULDNT HEAR ME THEY AS IN THE FRIENDGROUP SHES IN AND SHE EVEN HAD HER OTHER FRIEND N HER AS HER LOCKSCREEN IN HER PHONE BEFORE IT USED TO US THE TRIO WE WERE SO F****** CLOSE BRUH JUNE IS OFFICIALLY THE WORST MONTH EVER HER OTHER FRIENDS R THE WORST

Jun 23

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  • The f*** ruined june

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