My Husband Stopped Having S** With Me

I'm a 32/f and have been married for almost four years to my husband. My husband and I always had great s** while we were dating and early on in our marriage. However, lately things have slowed down and I can't seem to figure out what it is. We've talked about it, and he says he's still attracted to me. But still-no action. And I mean nothing, I'm lucky if I get s** once a month at this point. I feel like there is no intimacy left between us and not sure what to do about this moving forward, as intimacy is very important to me in a marriage.

Jun 23

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  • Do you flirt with your husband or are you like most women, lose interest and let the mundanity of life take over.

  • Get some on the side

  • I've thought about it, more like a fantasy. But I know I wouldn't actually do it in real life.

  • How fat did you get?

  • HA!
    I was thinking the same!
    300lbs, leggings, tunic and leather TEVA sandals?

  • You should stay married to your husband, but have an affair or several affairs. I am married and I love my wife but my s** drive is much higher than hers and I am always looking for extramarital s** partners, both married and single. Having an affair is very exciting.

  • This sounds like an easy way out. I would rather work on things with my husband and build intimacy in that relationship. But if that works for you, great!

  • He's probably depressed. Yes, men's s** drive can be affected by mental health.

  • It’s sad that differing s** drives can impact so much. My wife has completely given up nudity and s**. I only see her naked in the shower and that means no s**. Honestly at this point I hope she’s getting some on the side. That would at least excite me even if its out of humiliation. I guess I don’t blame anyone in similar situations for the choices. Good luck.

  • Are you getting some one the side, as well?

  • 26f and a similar thing happened to me during the pandemic. We were both on paid leave and live near the mountains. I thought we'd plan a few hiking trips. NOPE! He joined an online gaming site and spent most of the day VR gaming.
    I started a morning routine of running 10 miles. One day, I started talking to my neighbor across the street. Mike is 48, divorced, works construction, temporarily laid off and converting his garage into a work out area with equipment he already had. We started working out together. Then we started having s**.
    To compare with what I normally work with, Mike's thick, huge, well groomed and always hard for me. Also, I'm talking multiple o***** s**!
    During the lockdown, I was hanging out with Mike more than at my place. My husband never noticed.
    Currently, my husband and I rarely have s**. I think the last time was a quickie 3 months ago. Oh yeah, I had to do all the work and that's including 20 minutes of oral to get him semi-hard!
    On the other hand, Mike and I are still having s** often. He's not looking for a relationship and I'm not looking for a divorce.

  • Good for you. Don't feel guilty. You are entitled to have your needs met.

  • THANK YOU for understanding! At the end of the day, it's just s**.

  • I hope when you're out on your runs your husband is smashing the back out of the hot girl next door, after all it's just s** right?

  • Very funny with your 'if the shoes were on the other foot what would I think' scenario......
    I wish we could trade places for one day. My husband would rather VR game than have s**. If there was a 'hot girl' next door AND she agreed to have s** with him, go ahead!
    He's gained so much weight, never baths or grooms anymore. He works from home and games. He's gained at least 120lb within two and a half years and only wears sweat pants.
    If the 'hot girl' can get him hard. As I said before, the last time I tried I couldn't get him hard even after 20 minute of oral.
    BTW: I'm not out running around with multiple men either. My husband agreed I could have s** with Mike and he's the only person I'm having s** with.

  • Wow, sounds like he's turned into a fat smelly cave troll - but you keep going back. Why? What are getting out of it? He must be earning big $$ otherwise, wtf are you doing with him?

  • You're a cheater, and a user.

  • USER??? Really? I'll admit to cheater but F-ing USER? How's that??
    Mike and I are adults taking care of each other.

  • It's not Mike you are using moron. Nice body shaming too by the way.

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