First s** and a pregnancy

It happened one night when I arrived back at my apartment. I lived on the second floor, I had groceries in one arm and my key in the other hand, I kicked the door open to put the groceries down and when I turned a man was standing there.

All the things that go on went through my mind. He was polite and asked me to show him, to undress for him and let him look. No shoes, no earrings, no panties or shirts, no socks, just naked standing in front of him while he sat in my chair that I watched television in. He examined me with his eyes, asking me to turn slowly, he told me I would do, I was pretty enough.

He didn't want complaints or anything like that. He didn't want to get angry. He had me turn my bed down and take the covers off the bed, and lay back on the sheet with my head on the pillow and open my legs completely, to open them and close them while he examined me visually. He asked me if I was experienced or if I was not. He told me it didn't hurt, not to worry about that, he would try to be gentle but that depended on me and he was going to e******** in me. If I was going to be pregnant then so be it, he thought I looked like I would be a good mother.

He penetrated quickly, it didn't hurt, it was uncomfortable having him on top of me, but it didn't hurt. He performed the act that I had seen many times in the movies or on videos, but had never experienced. He e********* completely. He let me tell him about my chances for pregnancy, he asked for a key so he could come back and ensure I got pregnant. I told him what my schedule was and he came back four times over the course of the week, and he fulfilled his mission and I got pregnant.

I never saw him again, he left, left the key on the kitchen counter, and told me to be a good mother.

Jun 26

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  • What you just described is every man's secret rape fantasy. It sounds like to me that this guy had the b**** to really do it. Also, you gave him a key and your schedule, so it sounds like you wanted to get pregnant also. Looks like you both got what you wanted.

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