Wearing my aunties panties and stockings

When I was 18 I stayed with my Auntie. She was in her late forties and divorced. She had large b****** and was really quite straight laced and old fashioned. I always kept looking at her secretly in a really sexy way and one day when she was in the garden, I went into her bedroom.
I found lovely white lacy panties and stockings. I was so hard and covered in pre c**. I quickly undressed and put on her lacy panties and stockings. It felt absolutely amazing. I then went to her bedroom window and watched her gardening as I rubbed my hardness until I exploded in her panties. I filled them with my hot sticky load and I nearly passed out with excitement.
I heard her calling my name as she walked into the house. I quickly ran into my room but she was already walking upstairs.
She asked what I was doing and because I was so nervous with excitement I couldn't speak. She then walked into my room and stood wearing her stockings high heels and panties which were dripping.
I nearly died of embarrassment. She said "what are you doing "? I told that it was a spur of the moment thing and that I was so sorry. She walked out and then asked me to put them back including the white panties. I did as Auntie Jenny asked and then stayed in my room.
She asked if I was hungry and I said yes. Later that night we sat together on the sofa and she said that she couldn't stop thinking about me crossdressing in her panties stockings and heels. She said she would never say anything to anyone. I was so pleased and relieved. What she wanted in return was the opportunity to watch me m********* in front of her and then watch me explode as a hard boy obeying his Auntie. I agreed. Later that night she undressed me and made me stroke my hardness slowly. She was so calm and I felt something more than s**. I stayed with aunt Jenny for a few weeks and I fell totally in love with her. I told her how I felt and she said we couldn't have a relationship. But she asked me to make live to her. She was the most amazing woman I've ever met. I will never stop thinking about her.

Jun 30

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