Tech department wagged his ** at me for working to fast

This lady is a distant memory from early 1994 maybe late 1993. She is vaguely remembered because there was not much victory on my part. I was made weak by her Hawaiian bud it did not look like the bud I had ever scene or occationally smoked. I was use to this green looking bud leafy with tons of seeds you had to pick out. One hit wonder was what this other lady at my job called me. She said omg you better but some eye drops in your eyes do something before you go back into work. I told her I got this by the time I sat down at my work area and put my head phones on the pressure from the buzz was already gone. It was cool we could eat and drink as long as the drink was in a covered spill proof cup. So I excelled at work my 10 key was lightening fast but I had mastered the art of Macro's. So these older computers could be programmed to perform a series of keys with ctrl any key, enters a repetitive series of alpha numberics then I punched in the unique series of numbers on the ten key with lightening speed.
The only extra work I had to do was quickly file through the batch of order forms or sweepstakes entries to mark a change in the repetitive alpha numeric to modify my macros. The best part of this was if I missed or a misplaced form with a different macro was mixed in it would just bring up an error as the order did not go through. These were renewal order forms for magazines so each magazine had thousands of the same order form and the customer was already in the system with his or her unique set of numbers at the end of the long line of alpha numberic numbers. I never ever told anyone. Each piece of data entry item was calculated for a set amount of time. If you achieved the set time calculated by management and the audit department. Your job was safe. If you beat this time you recieved a base plus on your hourly pay. It could me as much as $1.50 more per hour.
I quickly achieved the highest base plus after several months this brain from the audit or programming department comes to me and tells me to stop using the Macro function. Just manually punch in all the numbers. He said it does not matter if you are trying to be a hero you are very fast. You will still get the maximum base plus pay anyways. Stop using the Macro your performance is to high.
That it would be to much trouble to try and train everyone else on programming the macros.
I like speed I like to be fast always this was the way to be. If you were fast you won if you were fast you were on top. If you had a little trick you could do to be faster that was the idea. If you are in a group setting never over accelerate way past the group. You can be number 1 but just a little faster than the group. If you are always number 1 slow it down every blue moon. What I mean by this blue moon is let another person enjoy first place once in a while. In a group work setting balance is important. If the average time for a task is 15 minutes and you are doing this in 8 minutes. Slow it down a little bit. You are the only one doing it in 8 minutes everyone else takes 15 minutes that is 7 minutes faster than everyone else. Throttle it down a little closer to the 15 minutes so you are in line with the group. A minute or two faster is alright slow your roll pump those brakes a little. You can be fast but being to fast may put you at a disadvantage. Management may use you as an example to apply pressure on the other employees. Telling the other employees to work faster it can be done because you are doing it 7 minutes faster. If you can do it they can do it also. They can not do it they have reached the fastest time they will ever be able to. The added stress management puts on them will be bounced onto you. Who are you showing off to. So you want to move up the ladder. Once you have reached the significant increase in your work speed beyond the group average. Immediately begin to apply for a better position in the company. If no positions are available and you are going to continue in the position it is best that you align yourself with the group average.

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I wish I was dead.

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