Surprised - Toddler boy got his butt spanked

Yesterday, after work, I was with a work colleague with whom I am getting on better and better as a friend.
She has a young son who is 4 (almost 5). The boy is by far one of the sweetest, happiest and most polite and friendly boys I know. But last night he wasn't that good. After a short time "admonish" she pulled him towards her, pulled down his panties, put him over her knees and spanked his bare buttocks and thights with her hand. Then he should sit on one of the chairs and wait until his father came home (around 10 Minutes). After that, my colleague and I went on the balcony to smoke, and she said, "Without hitting his bum a lot and spanking him from time to time, it doesn't work!"

In this country it is simply not allowed to physically punish children, nor to hit them. But I still have in the back of my mind how incredibly friendly and open and full of life this boy always is.

Jul 11

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  • We've gone too far in that direction. Not only can you not spank, you also apparently can't discipline or say the word... dear god, do I dare utter it... "NO" once in a while.

    In case you're somehow mystified where all these useless anxious special-snowflake "adults" who are incapable of any actual adulting came from, there's your answer.

  • Spanking a child on the bare bum is abuse. Nothing more, nothing less. To do it in front of a stranger is unforgivable.

  • We can tell why you turned out to be such a loser.

  • That’s not cool. She should not hit the kid like that. Discipline can be conducted without physical hits. Just direct eye to eye communication and setting solid boundaries are needed. I would recommend giving this person a book called love and logic

  • As a kid I preferred physical punishment because it was over quick. I know people have different opinions about physical punishment and the line between physical punishment and abuse. Personally I think controlled physical punishment is a good thing. The unfortunate thing is these days, one has to be sure the kids are not going to make any report after being punished.

  • Yeah yeah. Go away with your spanking fetishism.

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