Unashamed nudity

I'm 20 now and moved out of my parents house 2 years ago and last year moved in with my friend Carla and her parents who are very nice people. Her dad Mitch is actually her step dad but has been married to her mom for 15 years. Her mom works 3 to 11 shift for the cities taxi company and Mitch works for the gas company day work. Right from the first day I moved into their house I think I was shocked by parents modesty and even with the way Carla was. Her mom and dad would go around the house in underwear, robes and even with a simple towel around them. The first week there I had seen her mother topless and twice saw Mitch's genitals when his robe was open. Carla also wore skimpy and revealing outfits and nightwear and none of them seemed to be bothered by it. Another thing is that neither her parents or Carla have any respect of privacy. When her parents come out of the bathroom after showering they have no inhibitions about coming out naked and neither does Carla. They have even walked in on me many times and all three have seen me naked or close to it. There have been times when Mitch is in the kitchen wearing an open bathrobe as his p**** and testicles are fully visible to all 3 of us. Amazingly not a word is said about it. I discussed things with Carla a few times but she always tells me not to be a prude and its not a big deal. She even tells me to get comfortable when I'm home. These people treat me extremely well and although I chip in for food a couple times a month they have never asked me to pay any rent or utility bills. I do wear my night gowns around the house but still never wear revealing things. It embarrasses me especially if Mitch sees me naked or partially dressed. He does look at me but never lingers around to watch me. If I see him in the hallway naked he only says hi and keeps on going to his room. Carla and her family have no shame about their bodies and I'm convinced their nudity around each other is of no concern to them.

Jul 13


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  • I went to my friend in Spain for a summer break, only to find out they were nudists i wasn't told until i arrived, i thought ok why not i enjoyed showing my body off and checking every body out specially the c*** sizes, i was embarrassed at by the men walking around with erections and not bothering to hide them, my friends mum took me on one side, and said men get involuntary erections but i think the erections are for you, and we are very liberal so nothing is out of bounds, we openly indulge if you want to

  • I stayed with my aunt and uncle when I went to college in California. They had a son named Ralph and a daughter named Julie, 19 and 16 respectively, and when at home nudity was perfectly normal for all of them.
    The first night I was in my room, my aunt walked by my open bedroom door stark naked. I went out to the living room, a bit surprised, and they were all sitting watching TV and only Ralph had on shorts.
    Julie took after her mother, small b**** and an extremely hairy v*****.
    I stayed for two entire semesters, towards the end I often went nude also.
    The only time Julie every wore anything at home was during her time of the month, and then it was just shorts. Her mom I think was past having periods. Julie did most keep her legs together, her mom was often wide open when sitting on the couch, she had lower lips that hung down a full inch, and I know she liked it because she got wet a lot.

  • Back in high school (many years ago) I was very close friends with a girl my age. I spent a lot of time at her house and around her family. Her parents were hippies from the 60's and they were nudists. At first my friend and her brother kept their clothes on to make me comfortable. Eventually I said what the h*** and got naked with them. I LOVED IT!

  • Sounds like a European family I stayed with as a teen. I wish I had been better prepared for all of it (more comfortable with my own body). I enjoyed that summer!

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