My good friend knows my wife nude.

My wife is a hot high school teacher. One of her ex students happens to be my friend. After we got married, she started meeting my friend more often.

I have always wanted her to be f***** by other guys but it never happened. Since the time she used to teach my friend, i used to show my friend how she looked completely nude. She was still a virgin at that time. Even now I show him her new nudes every week. She doesn't know that My friend knows her body, how her t*** ass and p**** is.

It excites me, especially when she is with my friend fully clothed and that in his mind he can see her completely nude. I want her to be f***** like a s*** by my friend.

If it was up to me only, i would make her walk nude all the time and get her f***** by anyone who wants to f*** her.

Jul 15

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  • News flash: He is already tearing her p**** up, my guy

  • Is that not a bit cruel on your wife?

  • Why the f*** are you friends with high school kids? What is wrong with you?

  • How the f is she your “wife”?

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