P****** everywhere

A couple of years ago, my wife found out I was cheating on her. She's tried to make life for me miserable ever since then.

I decided to do something secretly to justify, in my mind, a way to get back at her. So I urinate a litle bit on anything she comes in contact with.

Sometimes I pee on the rug she has in front of the kitchen sink. One night while she was washing dishes, I p***** in the dishwater when she left the room for a minute. Once in awhile I will pee on her clothes in the hamper. When I get in the shower I pee on her washcloth and soap. After she brushes her teeth I will p*** on her tooth brush.

One day she was washing clothes and I had to take a shirt to throw in the washer. I p***** in the washer. Seemed like a good place to pee so I do it often. I have found so many places to p***, that I very seldom use the toilet.

Jul 18

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  • Lake of fire for you b******.

  • What a LEGEND

  • Wow, you're really f***** up. Hope you get ass-raped by apes.

  • Dont you know there is a monkey pox epidemic??

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