Free the t***, it feels so good to go topless in a crowd

Last week we spent a the week at a rental on the beach. MY sister, we are 22 and 19, teased me and took my top off exposing me to the onlookers. It was embarrassing for about a minute, then I said I don't care, dropped my arms and walked with my chest held high and my shoulders back and let them look all they wanted, men and women and little boys. Look at t***, who cares.

Well, when we were back in our rental, and dinner had been fixed, and the men were having drinks and the women were serving the table I pushed my sister's top up and exposed her t*** to the men, father, uncle, brothers. Let them look, look at her t***. She was angry so I took my top off and let them look. I helped my sister out of her top and her t*** hung out, she has very nice t***, and my mother joined us and we sat at dinner topless and let the 'boys' have their look.

The next day out on the sand, sitting in our chairs under the canopy, we took our tops off and sat there letting the onlookers walk by and pretend they weren't looking at our t***. Like I said, my sister has t***, real t***. Mine are nice enough, I'm young, small t*** really. My mother who gave my sister her t*** has matronly t*** and her t*** hung out and she let the onlookers get a good look. Into the surf and walking up and down the beach until the beach patrol came and told us to cover up.

We are back in our house, where everyone is dressed so prim and proper. I liked showing off my t*** and my sister and mother did too. From now on, at the pool we are going topless and let the boys get an eyeful. It's not anything about liberation, it's all about how it feels to be topless outside.

Jul 19

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  • You’re a homely wench with a flat chest.

  • Sure. Go for it.

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