Lesbian into having a man treat me to round the world d***

I'm an out lesbian, in a lesbian relationship with a partner. My secret is that I am the office f*** of my boss at work. He is in his late forties and likes younger women and after a discussion one afternoon he told me the old line, 'if you haven't tried it, don't knock it'. So he took my virginity (p**** in v***** virginity), took my oral virginity (p**** in mouth virginity) and to finish it off took my a*** virginity (p**** in r***** virginity). I would lie if I told you I didn't like it, especially the a*** thing. I liked that very much, so naughty and so good, I liked his d*** in me.

My boss is nice man who gooses my ass from time to time, grabs a t** from time to time, and kisses me on the mouth from time to time. In front of other coworkers. I like being groped by him, especially when he puts his arm around my neck and grabs my t**.

At the office I am now his office wife. It is no secret that I have a lesbian wife, and I get questions about liking it when he grabs a piece of my ass or kisses me on the mouth (or in whispers in the lady room 'he really f***** you in the ass?') Yes I like it. Why not. It's naughty and it's cheating in my wife, it's in front of the other women, who don't get groped or kissed. My boss likes showing me off and he takes me to lunch at expensive places and looks down my blouse and push my butt into his d*** when we are waiting for a table.

I tried it, I like it, I can't believe I had to turn 30 before a p**** got stuck up my ass. When it's time for some intimate behavior with my wife, I try to f*** her like he f**** me, I want to show her I can f*** like a man, grab her t*** like a man, and stick my tongue up her ass like a man (my tongue is a substitute for a d***, in case you don't know what it's like between lesbians having s**). We don't use any artificial paraphernalia.

27 days

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  • It’s perfectly normal for a woman to enjoy both.

  • Very hot.

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