Wife got Fay and s** became sooooo much better

I have always loved it when my wife would pack on the lbs. But she has really done it this time and become Fat the way I love it. I wouldn’t mind her getting way Fatter either.

The best part is not only is the s** so much better with all her added Fat and soft curves but she gets so much hornier and wants s** all the time with her new much Fatter figure. She has probably packed on 60-70 lbs. in the last couple years on her smallish frame and she looks ultra sexy, soft Fat curves everywhere. The way she pounds me with all her extra weight while she is on top is so damn great and feeling how much heavier she is along with her belly & thighs jiggling and bouncing is pure ecstasy.

Her o****** are so much stronger because of all her beautiful Fat she is carrying now and her FUPA is so amazing feeling all that extra fluffy Fat while I am thrusting her, it is pure comfort and enjoyment, similar to the way she stuffs herself with all her favorite fattening desserts.

Mmmmm, I can only hope she continues to pack on way more pounds and I will be telling some more great stuff when she gets over 300 pounds some day.

20 days

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  • Does your wife have a sister or friend who would feel the same way? I’d give anything to have a woman like your wife.

  • Unfortunately No! My once bikini model in her twenties is now quite a sight in her bikini.
    Give me a beautiful woman with a sexy curvy starting figure and have them pack on 50-100 pounds or more and they will only be sexier!

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