I have neo N*** beliefs.

I have a strong belief in eugenics and racial purity. I think Hitler was right about a lot of things. Jews have far, far too much influence in the world. Races of people are different genetically. James Watson was absolutely right in what he said about racial differences, he did nothing wrong and should be proud of himself. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

17 days

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  • I reported this disgrace of a human being three days ago, but the post remains undeleted.

  • How the f*** does this site let this bullshit on here but you make a single critical comment on the rainbow crowd and Boom - you're deleted!!

  • Are you muslim?

  • You have mental health issues.
    Your anti-Jewish rants are always funny to read because they show everyone what a gutless twatwaffle you are.

    The only interest in the future of ANY children is how soon you can get into their pants.

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