My sexy wife

My wife and I use to watch a lot of p***. One day I took notice that when the showed a bbc she got really wet. So the next time I got a movie of all black g******** and she was so wet the bed was soaked. I asked her if she wanted to try a bbc and she wasted no time in saying yes. That made me very happy and excited and we did it again. So we got on line and found a person close by and made arrangements to meet. She was so excited she almost passed out. We got to the restaurant and I had her sit with him so he could touch her and she could touch him. When she touched him manhood her face lit up. She wore a short dress with no panties on and he was playing with her. So we decided to leave before she had another o***** there in the restaurant but as we were leaving I had to walk close behind her because her skirt was wet. We found a dead end road and went to back of my truck and put down the tailgate to sit on. He sat on the tailgate and she pulled out a monster and she went to town on it. He had to stop her before he came in her mouth. He bent her over and shoved it in her and she screamed . She said to keep it in and she wanted more so he did. He couldn’t hold it any longer so he shot a huge load in her and it was running down her legs. At that time I had to get in there before I came in my pants. It was great we both loved it and we talked a little bit and from that point on she was his and loved that. She was his to do what he wanted and from that point on I would only let her do bbc.


15 days

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