Straight man, no sissy tough as nails who loves his panties.

I wear panties, I am married, straight own guns I am a veteran. Work 7 days a week. I am one who is just like everyone else, but I wear panties. Not many accept this so It is a hidden pleasure. Many a boy has tried someone's panties like I did. It is fun and enjoyable, work around the house to bed. 100% nylon panties are great. Many forums are positive, but some think it's weird. Some go over the top a dress thanks. Many are just like me > just panties. Read the panty reviews online> men. Amazon and other places are selling thousands of panties to men. If you find a style and size that works you will like them. It is about comfort. Women wear men's clothes no one cares. my wife wears my clothes??? People are hung up on the word PANTIES...? it's underwear. So in conclusion... if you want no seam or opening and a soft smooth thin pair of underwear.....wear panties like I am right now. 90% of guys who tried panties as a boy wear them as men part or full time.

12 days

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