No knickers makes me o*****

I’ve recently tried going out in skirts and dresses without wearing any underwear. At first it was just because it was so hot it was a way to keep a bit cooler but then I discovered something about myself which was pretty embarrassing as I started to o***** one day when the wind blew my skirt up. It was really strange as I have never felt turned on like that before. I felt a bit turned on the first time I went out without knickers in a short dress but more butterflies and excited nerves. I didn’t think anything of it so when the wind blew and exposed my naked p**** I was shocked how easily I started to o*****! And I think people could tell as I was in a busy shopping street and I think I did make a bit of a noise and then had to almost kneel down both to get my flyaway skirt under control and I felt a bit overcome!! Honestly so ridiculous how sudden and strong it was! Amelia

13 days

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  • Be thankful you are so sensual, sensitive, and sexy. Enjoy, then go home and sit on your husband/ boyfriend face and let him have then pleasure of eating your sweet juices; enjoy together. Invite him to go out with you and tell him in real time what you are feeling as it is happening.

  • Wow thats sooo hot, love to see your openess to such amazing sensuality

  • Ah, thank you sweetie - and nice to know you like it! It happened again in London whilst I was out yesterday - twice!! Once in the morning whilst walking up a tube escalator and the wind blew up my short skirt. I honestly didn’t know what to do but thankfully I was near the top so I just stepped out the way and crouched down again and pretended to look for something in my handbag until it passed! And the other time out on the street when a really strong gust suddenly blew up my skirt out of nowhere - but that was harder as I was with a friend of mine by then so she asked what was happening and I had to tell her!! She wasn’t wearing knickers either as it turned out but said she’d never had that happen to her (though she tends to wear longer skirts and dresses). Anyway, she just laughed and thought it was hilarious! So looks like this is a thing now I’m going to have to learn to deal with as it keeps happening!!! Amelia

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