im dieing inside!

ive been betrayed by the 2 of the most important people in my life. my husband and my best friend. she told me they f***** and he admitted it. but it happened over a month ago and theyve been sittingthere at the table with me almost everyday acting as though nothing was wrong. i want to kill them both. but all i feel is pain!!! this exact thing happened to me once before.... my first husband cheated on me with my other best friend. and hese 2 both knew it and still f***** anyways! what am i supposed to do. we have a daughter together.... i thought he was my soul mate...

now people are saying its not the first time or first girl.......
he says it was this once and never before.
who do i believe?
what do i do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Nothing is wrong they only f***** why u so upset

  • get rid of them both. Who cares if you have a kid together. Your kid will gravitate to a life they're brought up in- so show your kid what you do when deceitful people f*** you over- you don't leave them in your life to f*** you over again. YOu dump them and pretend they never existed.

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