My friend had s** with the masseuse in front of me

My best friend and I decided to get a massage together for a girl's night out last week. We went to an Asian massage parlor. We only got one masseuse for a 2hr massage (it ended up being slightly over 3hrs). This girl who was our age and Chinese like us started on me first and it was an okay job and I felt her hands brush against me down there a bit too often and she even tried sliding her fingers in me! but I moved each time which is probably why she didn't continue to advance on me, but when it was my friend's turn I looked over at one point and saw her getting fingered by her and smiling/moaning. I'm not lesbian and didn't think my friend was either but that experience changed my perception of my friend forever. I looked back at one point and the massuese was naked and they had started touching and kissing and shortly after started f******. I turned away for most of it but heard it all. The girl asked if I wanted to join as well and flatly said no. My friend gave her a generous tip and we drove back to our apartment together. She asked if I wanted to go next week but I definitely said no. I'm not against gay people, but it doesn't mean I want to see my friend f*** some masseuse. It was so awkward and embarrasing. I laid there for over 2 hrs hearing and unfortunately seeing my best friend get off with another girl.

9 days

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  • On a cruise, the masseuse f***** my wife in front of me! She didn't object, and I, believe it or not, got extremely turned on, so I didn't stop it.

  • What a prude

  • At what point does it become f******?

  • When they grind their box's together?

  • So nice

  • Didn’t happen

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