S** Ed in Catholic School in the 60s didn't stop girls having s**

This happened in 1969. I was 15 and going to an all girls Catholic School. The School decided to put on a s** education movie, class by class starting in the 7th grade. My father loaned his projector and screen and told my cousin to be the projectionist. He sat through five showings, surrounded by teenage girls, a black and white movie talking about menstruation, oral s**, intercourse, female hygiene, how to put a condom on a p**** (using a banana of course). When the week was up and the projector and screen were safe back at home he asked me to 'show him'. I laid back on the bed, with my legs open and he pretty much did a pelvic exam. He stuck his finger in as far as it would go, he touched my butt hole, he felt up my b****. He showed me his p****, it was hard already and I held it tight in my hand before he put it where it belonged, deep in my v*****.

For all the lessons on safe s** and e********** he e********* right in me, every last precious drop. I got pregnant of course, I was sent to live in Wisconsin with my mother's aunt and her husband, my baby was adopted by my older married sister. As soon as I was back home, I got on my hands and knees and lowered my head and he lifted my skirt and stuck two fingers in me and got his p**** nice and hard and pushed it all the way in and e********* and the whole teen pregnancy started all over again. My sister adopted my second baby too and she insisted I be put on birth control pills, my cousin couldn't be trusted. the pill was taboo for Catholics, we were supposed to use the rhythm method.

When I was 22, and done with college, my children were returned to me legally and their daddy and I raised them. In those days no one frowned that much on kissing cousins and we were married with our two boys in the ceremony. No one ever believed the story of my sister's adoptions, everyone knew they were mine. Plus she was in the family way herself, like a good little Catholic girl. In our world, our community, when a Catholic girl got pregnant a relative adopted until she was old enough to take care of their kid. 15, 16, 17 were productive ages and that's why the school put the s** education classes on to begin with.

Aug 8

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  • Can i wear your knickers please and leave my seed in them xx

  • F****** kys

  • I was a catholic girl also.We had some s** education,but it was mostly left up to our parents!My parish was strict and highly stressed purity and sexual abstinance before marriage and it was drilled into us constantly.Our confirmation at 16 was the last Sacrement we would recieve before marriage and all of us girls had to wear white poofy,short sleeve,floor length dresses with a veil,gloves,lace anklets and white maryjane style shoes.As part od the confirmation ceremony,was the Rite of ReAffirmation of Purity and Innocence and we had to wear a cloth diaper and white plastic pants under our dresses to reaffirm our purity of our baptisms as babies.Later on that day,after my party was over,my parents took some relatives to the airport to catch their flight back home. My 'kind of' boyfriend came over and saw me in my white oufit and complimented me.He found out about the diaper and plastic pants under my dress and got aroused! He got my dress off of me and to my knees and i gave him oral s** and he came in my mouth which i swallowed.I was still a pure catholic girl!

  • This s*** about poofy white communion dresses and diapers is all over the internet. Why do you bother.

  • I you don't cover the boy up with a condom the s** isn't safe.

  • Clearly written by a male lol

  • You’re clearly a moron lol

  • Back in the late 80s, I went out with a girl that was Catholic. She talked me into attending mass a few times. We snuck around and started having s**. I must add that she was NOT a virgin or innocent & pure.
    Her dad was former Air Force and was a commercial pilot.
    Her mom stayed at home and asked me over for 'tea' one day while Maddy was attending a Catholic retreat.
    Her mom started out by saying she knew we'd been 'dating' for a while now and had an idea things were getting serious. She asked if I had intentions of joining the Catholic church. I was honest and told her 'probably not'. She told me how much Maddy likes me but she did not. Her plans were to keep Maddy 'pure' till her wedding night. There was a pause.
    Her mom offered to have s** with me if I'd break up with Maddy.
    I think the crazy woman was shocked when I said 'sure. Right now?'
    She lead me to her bedroom and we had s**. During s**, she asked me not to c** inside her because they don't believe in birth control. Looking back I should have launched a load but I did as she asked.
    So I wouldn't come across as a j***, I asked her mom if I could go out with Maddy a couple more times just to let her down easy. She agreed. I had s** with Maddy a few more times before I broke up with her.

  • Stopped my wife. We followed the teaching strictly. It was tough. Huge emotional swings on my part. From deep feelings of inadequacy through to strong feelings of pride from being able to go months without o*****.

  • I’m catholic, my whole life. Started having s** as soon as I could. I’m 60 years old now and I’ve been with over 200 women that’s my kind of strict. LOL

  • Nice

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