Sucking d***

To started thinking of sucking d***. It is a little exciting. Thinking of a d*** pretty long n straight, with that muscular look circumcised and that tube along the bottom so you can see when it’s pumping s**** through it. You have got to swallow, it only makes it better more for him than you. You get satisfaction and hopefully a good taste in your mouth full. None of that kissing and petting s***. It’s about the d*** ,even though it’s your d*** I’m sucking it my rules. P*** dude

Aug 13

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  • Sounds so hot.

  • No you f****** didn't

  • Pretty judgmental and not being inclusive there man. What about diversity?

  • Judge mental about what ? Not inclusive diversity ???? It’s about sucking c*** , judge mental not inclusive all c**** are welcome diversity again all c**** well ok judge if it looks terrible can’t be to skinny like pencil d*** or something just kinda straight muscular looking and the organ that pumps or let you see the seamen pump through it with a good mushroom head not to a point like some are you know ok ( by )

  • So suck d****, bro. It's all you.

  • Have you ???

  • Have you sucked a d*** before, I’d like to talk to you about it. Can you feel the hot jets of stream hit the back of your throat, or your a*** walls. Just wondering how it feels, with a b**** in your butt. If it’s long say eight or ten inches can you feel it slide in and out. And if he flexes his d*** can you feel that ? So curious man !!!$$$!!!???



  • The Japanese economy imploded in 1990. It's been truly declining since. But the Japanese economy has been flooding the corporations with Central Bank credit to keep economic growth at stagnant. Otherwise, Tokyo would look like The Walking Dead right now. What remains is the implosion of the Japanese Central Bank.

  • Most items on the shelf will not sell. There is a point where production exceeds sale. If production exceeds sale, there is obviously a loss. All Japanese retailers operate at a severe loss. Most items sit on the shelf until they have to be thrown away. This is not economics.

  • Without infusion of credit into corps, revenue will not exceed cost. The Japanese mind is stuck in perpetual production mode. Resources are limited and nobody needs to buy it. In most cases, it will not sell.

  • Tokyo is a bubble that will burst very very soon. Tokyo expends too much energy. Tokyo is unsustainable beyond 2040.

  • Anything Korean is garbage. It's polished s***. The Korean is not to blame: he's a corrupted and polluted shitpile.

  • Korea is a bubble living on borrowed money. When it implodes, it'll be a shitworld worse than Kensington Avenue.

  • The Korean economy has already imploded but the Korean government is flooding credit into the chaebols. This false boom is only feeding the decline.

  • You can't run a system like this without a decline. This boom was borrowed from seven subsequent booms. The decline will come at once and will be very steep.

  • Islamic cosmopolitanism influenced by hiphop.

  • South Korea is the shitheel that ruins every good thing. South Korea is homosexual effeminate trash.



  • That's hot, and the taint pulsing and seeing it quiver as it shoots is really hot.

  • ( LOAD )

  • Absolutely! I want to make this happen.

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