Butt pain fear

I’ve mentioned here before about starting to suck d***. Well not into any type of love just the d*** that’s all. I have thought about futbucking Scared about that man even though I’m paralyzed and could not feel to much. Being a dude I know about getting off correctly. And if I can’t ( wich i believe I’ve figured out watching dudes suck d*** ) get him off soon enough or my mouth gives out , just because I’m not good or great at it. That will come in time , I figure by the four time I should have it. You can always let them throat f*** you , I believe that’s when you lay with your head back and he enters your mouth from over your forehead.

Aug 13

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  • Modernity is ugly and grotesque. And it distorts the mind.

  • China's economy imploded in 2008. And now its sectors are being infused with credit to stay above water.

  • Living in Japan is worse than death. It is to be killed slowly day by day. No office worker does any true work longer than 15 minutes. The rest is petty tasking that can be done by an app. The average office worker does 3 hours of petty work a day. Otherwise, he's staring into his screen pretending to work.

  • Japan kills the soul then puts the soul on a daily routine worse than death. Japan is against humanity. Japan's military will flee any conflict. They expect Americans to fight for them.

  • Modernity should be fought against, not pursued.




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