Teaching friend how to m*********

Sorry in advance this is going to be a bit long. well there was this time when i was 13 and one of my friends was having a big boy only party at his house the entire of his year was there.(i am in year 9 he his in year 8) after the party there was me and only 5 other people one of them being my friend there parents were on holiday and i was sort of babysitting them as we all went to them same school so i took all of them up to there rooms becaue they were tired as f*** then the friend who had the party asked to sleep in my room and i said yes because why not and then my friend wanted me to ask me something he said that some boys earlier were doing something with there d**** but he didn’t get a good view so he asked me what they were doing. and i was like um…they were…how… then i simply said do you want to know. he said yes so i took of my jeans and then my t-shirt and then my vest and underwear just leaving my p**** hanging there a tiny bit erect then i got it hard then i just kept on doing doing it then my friend asked if he could have a go i said yes so next thing i knew i was on my back on the bed with him kneeling over me one hand clasped on my c*** the other going up and done my chest. then he took of his top and shorts then his underwear then he got his hard d*** out it was almost pooping out of it then i put my right hand to rub his c*** that was when i shot a few b**** of c** on to my friends bare chest than he moved his body further up so his d*** was just inches from my mouth he asked me to suck it so i did it felt good then he took it out then i sat crossed legged then he sat on my lap whilst he masturbated then he shot c** all over my bed going all over the floor then he turned around then started sucking mine which also felt nice then i layed down on my bed to go to sleep then he layed down next to me with his head on my chest that was the best night of the month.

Aug 14

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