Confused about **

I have decided if my wife goes first, not to replace her with another women. Remain single except for carnal desires , such as full feeling a long kept desire. Which is to try sucking **. No relationship , not gay just would like to try once and if I like it, do it again and if I don’t, avoid them like I have for the past forty nine years. It started about then , but being that considered gay you don’t do it then. The rules have relaxed over the years. So now I’m considering it.

Next Confession

My dark thought.

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  • Do it now. You're curious, as am I.

  • Nike said just do it

  • Just don't get the monkey pox

  • Consider a T-girl.
    I hooked up with my first while stationed in Korea a few years ago.
    Since I've been back in the states, I only hookup with T-girls. There's an app you can download for easy hookups.
    T-girls are gorgeous, take time with hair, makeup & dress like girls! Actually, bombshell models.
    T-girls love to go on dates at nice restaurants and act like a lady. I've had older couples tell me how beautiful my date is.
    Much different than talking to a crazy b*ch white girl.
    **, try taking a white girl out. If you don't get b*ched out for talking to the crazy b*ch first. You'll get effort that wears leggings with Teva sandals.
    The last white girl I took out to a holiday banquet at a country club wouldn't allow her to enter cause she wore leggings, sandals and a baggy shirt.
    Sorry to vent but you should check into a T-girl if you want the best experience ever.

  • Sad when men are better at being women than actual women are.

  • Yeah - not many that are passable out there. It's pretty clear you are with a **.

  • Try it you will like it. True story. On my 35th birthday my wife was out of town. I went to an adult bookstore an hour away from home. I gave a skinny black guy wearing cowboy boots a BJ then let him ** me in the **. It was amazing. I am now 55 and it is top 3 ever.

  • Tell us , did you let him ** in your **. I know you did , you wanted to see if you can feel hot spurts of ** in your **. Come on tell us

  • So tell us about the ** you sucked. Was it big , thick , long. And did you swallow or spit, swallow I mean you made it that far hears your reward drink up and swallow hard dude. Your now in a man’s world.

  • It was 4 inches long and really skinny with a pointy head. ** just dribbling out.

  • Did you ** his **? I want a guy to forcefully grab hold of my ** and then force me on my knees and make me start sucking him hard. Any takers?

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