Letting my gf have s**

It’s more of a question we were a group of very close friends in high school best friends, The group was two guys and two girl so AB CD I’m A. I stared dating C and B starting dating D. After high school we all went to Europe for university medical school. However I was in a different country, and they all went to the same country. So I’m having a long distance relationship with C, which is affecting my gf sexually, as the other two are always having s**, but she can’t bcz I’m in a different country. So I was thinking since were all best friends, why not let my gf have s** with them in a threesome every now and then ,as long as I also get to f*** my friends gf D(in a foursome or threesome wtv), whenever I visit or they visit me. I feel like this would be great for all of us, and would help my gf too, and I wouldn’t be a cuck for such a thing bcz I can also f*** his girl.

Is that a good idea or not??

Aug 17

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