I have been raped twice. I'm a male

I used to date a woman who lived with family in a large house. She was pretty kinky, into tying me up and having her way with me. One morning I awoke to find myself blindfolded and my hands tied to the hook at the top of the bed as I was felated. It felt good and of course I didn't question anything. After a time I felt her climb up and begin riding me. She leaned in close and just whispered "shh" in my ear, so I kept my mouth closed while she got herself off multiple times, quietly. Finally, I released, filling her. She waited a few minutes as I softened, then slipped off me. I felt my hands being untied, and with a smile I pulled the blindfold off, only to see that my girlfriend wasn't in the room at all. It was her niece. I never told anyone for years.

Aug 22

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