This site is why we are lesbian and why we want to get raped

During the shut down, when we were stuck at home, my friend from work told me about this site and we read confessions to each other over the phone and masturbated to them. Two girls, describing in the most intimate detail how we were masturbating. When things got better she was able to come over, I couldn't go to her place because she lives with her mother.

We get naked, totally naked and read confessions and m********* together. Soon we are masturbating each other, soon we are kissing, making out. Soon we have our nose deep in the other girls p****, kissing c*** and fingering. We can't get enough, the more we m********* together, the more we get naked and m********* some more. I love her p****, more than I love her t***. I love how wet she gets, how her v***** is sweating and I can lick her juice out with my tongue, how sensitive her c*** gets and how she gets off and comes and comes, over and over.

It is the fault of this place, these confessions of real people. We don't like gay, men, confessions. We like lesbian confessions, and confessions of taken by force. When you are young, in a parking garage, at the lake house on vacation, losing your virginity to a cousin or an old man. We like those a lot. That's what we want, to lose our virginity to some man, some night, in the dark, when we are not expecting it.

Aug 27

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