Magic mushroom date turns into s** date

A friend I met on the internet was interested in magic mushrooms and wanted to try them with me. Now before I tell about this, I need to go back in time a little and explain about the secret lover she has. She had asked me to meet them in a hotel and have s** with them in front of her lover.

And I didn't immediately say no and thought about this chance of welcome exitement in my life. But as I am a married man I found it too scary to visit them in another country and have the chance that for some reason I would have a belated plane and would not be able to come back home.

So I said no.

This time she visited my country for the magic mushroom trip and we would have no s**. And honestly, I believed that. But when I was about to meet her that morning she was video calling with her lover and he told her that she should seduce me to have s**. So she opened the door for me wearing only a shirt that hardly covered her ass, wearing only a tiny string underneath.

I was totally surprised and watched her go up the stairs giggling in front of me looking at her gorgeous round ass. For me it was the first time I had s** while under the influence of magic mushrooms. It was amazing! She was like a temple, I looked at her navel and her beautiful open and nakedness and she experienced deep vibrations all over her body when I took her slow and sensual. She was so wet and swollen and h****. It was amazing. I couldn't really get in to my trip, but just looking at her gorgeous body was an amazing trip to me.

Now still we are friends. But she had to promise her lover that we wouldn't meet again because her lover got jealous and felt excluded. The idea to do it in front of his eyes now is also too much for him. So I guess this might be the end of the story. But we're still very close and intimate friends online. Occasionally we meet, but we don't have s**.

29 days

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