C****** in front of mom

I'm 14. Always hard and h****. I love having a big hard c*** and love to touch and jack it a lot. My family sees when I have a woodie and when they catch me rubbing they let me know. Sometimes I am caught jacking bet never c******, until last week. I was naked in my room totally into it with my eyes closed and fapping hard. I opened my eyes when I was about to c** so I could steer, watch, and measure my load. Mom was standing there watching and I was way beyond stopping. I kept c****** and c****** and she just watched until I had nothing left. She smiled and said that was a heavy load, then she turned and told me I might want to close the door next time. I'm pretty sure I closed the door. She says masturbation is healthy but I am still embarrassed to think what all she may have seen as I was lost into maybe my best ever j*** and rub session.

25 days

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  • Darling your mom is right it is perfectly natural for a young man to explore.

    I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed watching you release such a load. I’ve caught my boys and it made me so proud when they released a huge load.

    I remember thinking. OMG those girls are going to LOVE that c*** and all that warm c** gushing.

    I then had to finger myself as my husband was away on business

  • Any thoughts of being intimate with your son and feeling it for yourself?

  • I have to admit the thought has crossed my mind after all I was thinking about that huge c*** with 3 fingers deep inside of me

    But he is my son. Besides he is married now. That was a few years back but I’m getting wet just thinking about that time I caught him in the act

  • You should go for it.
    Or at least maybe roleplay it with someone just to get a taste

  • I could never have s** with my son. But I have had s** with several of his friends. Young men are so cute.

    They are so h****. So hard and so eager to please and learn.

    I remember when one of his friends (Jonathan asked me for pointers before his wedding. We were a little tipsy and well we spent the evening before his wedding getting in a little practice.

    Jonathan told me his honeymoon was amazing, but the best part of the week was the night before the wedding ;)

  • Yeah - sure. Then you woke up.

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