Unthinkingly Came in Stepdaughter's Panties

My wife was on a trip and by the time Sunday came I awoke stiff and needing to grind. My step-daughter yelled, going to Sue's, See you later, and the front door closed. I had thought about it before but never would until now. I went naked to her clothes hamper with a shiny panties on top. They were wetter than moist. She was just masturbating in them. I almost instantly blew my wad but backed down. Sniffing her soft wet scented panties and then rubbing them all over my c*** then head which erupted into them. Now I was panicked over what to do. I rubbed the c** in and put them back on top in hopes they dry and she will never suspect. Confession is I want to put my rod in her deep.

Sep 10

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  • Start licking her puss when she is in sleep. she will submit. If she still doesn’t give u what u want. Rape her!

  • Don't worry about it. At least you didn't try to literally rape a pig like Prophet Muhammad did.

  • That's pretty tame compared to what I've done with my step daughter....a willing participant in an affair with me behind her mom's back. She told me that loved the thought of sucking a c*** that's been in her mom's p****. So I took advantage of that and when we went on a trip, I had my step daughter stay in our hotel room under the guise of being afraid to stay in her own. I told her to pretend to be asleep at a certain time, then started playing around with her mom, pinching her nipples, which always makes her h****. She was hesitant at first, knowing her daughter was in the living area sleeping on the couch, but she absolutely cannot resist s** after I play with her nipples. Not sure what's so hot about that to women, but who cares, right? Someone touches my nipples and I want to slap them.

    Anyway, I kept a bedside lamp on the lowest setting and made sure to keep the covers pulled off of us while her mom rode my c***. I looked down between our legs and saw the step daughter watching us. So I whispered to my wife, "Don't stop what you're doing but Ashley is watching us". She froze for a second and had a horrified look on her face, but I grabbed her hips and forced her to keep moving them. She kept staring at me with a confused look on her face, but eventually loosened up as I tweaked her nipples more intensely. Soon, her stare went from concerned shock to a foxy, knowing smile.

    To make a long story short, yes, I used to j*** off in my step daughter's panties. But I planned it right and now Ashley pulls my c*** out of her mom's pretty little slit and sucks my c** out of my c***. Her mom does the same thing when I'm f****** Ashley. They go down on each other for me while I'm f****** one of them in the ass. You don't have to just dream about f****** her. You just have to put the right plan in place.

  • Oh wow! I expected you to say your step daughter sucked you off after watching her mother ride it.

    But getting them both to share. Wow! You must be hung. I would love to spend some time with you. Shoot I’d like to spend some time with your wife and step daughter as well

  • I want to f*** my stepdaughter so bad, she just turned 59 and I love her bod.

  • You should try going further. Try them on and step into a whole new world of pleasure.

    Want some help, email me Daddyh1911@gmail.com

  • At 14, I stumbled onto my 34 yr old mom's panties on top of the hamper one evening as I was getting ready to shower.
    They were tiger stripe bikinis! My MOM??!
    Ah, geez - I took them out with shaking hands. Looked at them closely. Smelled them!
    That was nearly 6 decades ago.....and I still have a thing about my wife's bikini panties!
    Frankly - I've had 4 daughters - but make an effort never to even look at them - because I know I will get a buzz if I do.
    I've a 20'something in the house still - and I confine myself to the wife's undies.
    She knows - over the years she has handed me her panties to carry in my pocket to work.
    We have a thing, now for decades - As she is ready to leave for work - I'll ask her what color are your panties? She'll hike her skirt and show me - both sides! Answers my texts with the color while she's away.
    There's her cute bottom and front mound nestled in her panties under her sheer panty hose. Often with a little wedgie. Keeps her husband entertained!

  • PS: she only wears little bikini panties. Because I buy them!

  • My ex stepdaughter had the sweetest and strongest smelling p**** ever. I just got hard thinking about it.

  • Teen girl thongs are the best smelling items in the world

  • How old is she?

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