I had s** with my husband's step-father

10 yrs ago...this happened...
I was 18 yrs old. My 20 yr old husband had been away in the Army for 8 months. I was so h**** because we'd been very sexually active since we married. Very active! Heck - we were teenagers and married so we went at it like rabbits, and I loved it - looked forward to it ....needed it!
Now I'd been cut off....and the handle of her hairbrush was not working for me any longer! I was too embarrassed to go get a vibrator! 18 yr old girls do not go into those places!
My husband's step-father was a nice guy - very polite to me, but I'm cute, I wear teenager clothes (tight white short shorts, miniskirts, a smallish yellow bikini when I swim with the family....and I'd seen him staring at my little flowered bikini panties flying out there on the clothes line!)
So I began to catch him eyeing me around the house in my cut-offs, sneaking peeks at my legs when I sat in mini skirts in the living room. Once complemented me on my "cute butt" after catching me running down the hall after my shower in a too-short towel.
My husband's mother had mentioned that perhaps I needed to wear a little more around the house - while we wait for my husband's deployment to end.
"A longer T-shirt with you panties at breakfast time - maybe some PJ's instead, a one-piece bathing suit?, try not to sit across from your father-in-law or your husbands teenage brothers in your minis?,....and I'll dry your undies in the Maytag from now on, OK?"
Right!...geez - I had no idea I was stirring so many male hormones with my normal clothes!....but late at night, I would think about it ...some...while touching myself and trying to get some satisfaction from that darned hairbrush! I'd seen these 3 men looking at my body.....it was neat!

Things took a turn when mom took the boys to see their grandmother in Florida. Dad had to work. So, for 5 days it was just the two of us in the house.
The flirting intensified --- but nothing too forward. No touching - except when I lean over him in my T to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek at bed time. Walking away - I was aware that my T was showing a bit of panty and a lot of thigh back there!
This was Kansas - and this was a heck of a 2AM thunder storm - and these things scare the pee out of me!
So,... after a giant thunder and flash jumped out of bed and ran to Dad's room. I stood next to his bed, shaking from the thunder and winds, squeezing my pillow in front of me for modesty after realizing that I was only in my bikini panties - because I always sleep topless. Somehow, all the men knew this. ?
I was shaking. He was awake, and looked at me for the longest time - He opened the sheets and I climbed in next to him. "I'm sorry" I said. He said, "it's OK, come here I'll hold you" opening his arms.
I slid next to him as he put his arm around me. After a moment I slid my left thigh atop his leg...just to get closer. It was warm and comforting. I kept nudging until my crotch was against his upper thigh. My b****** were crushed against his side. So far - our hands have obeyed! But there was a lot of skin contact going on here! Then I accidentally moved my knee up an inch too far and ....my thigh touched something warm and stiff!
I inhaled deeply ....and so did he. He slid his hand down my back and slipped just under the top of my panties to hold me closer....pull my groin into him harder! I reached out and gently touched his stiff member. It was throbbing to and fore.. Then I slid my hand down a took hold of the largest, hottest, set of b**** I've ever felt! I kneaded his b**** gently in my hand, rolling 'em in my fingers and he groaned. That was enough for him! He roughly pulled me full on top of him, took hold of my head and pushed my mouth into his while his other hand went under my panties and squeezed my butt cheek so hard that I yelped in his mouth.
When he finally quit sucking my tongue - I told him that he would need to be gentle with me because my 'lady' has been without a man for many months. He nodded....and then we spent the next 3 days getting things back in shape for my husband's arrival it 3 weeks time. He started with his tongue. Then a small finger. Then larger , then a couple of nice ones. And finally -after a crazy one hour session of 69ing each other in front of the fireplace - he picked me up by my hips and sat me on his rod, and told me to take as much as I can at my own pace. His was nice - not a monster - and I was happy to finally settle all the way down until I felt those lovely b**** of his trying to push their way into my little butt hole!
My husband and I moved away after his return. I thanked my FIL for his attention to my needs. He said I reminded him just how amazingly good of a f*** a young girl is! We're still distant friends. I don't know if I'll ever tell my hubby......no matter how drunk and h**** we are!

14 days

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