Damn tight 67 year old mother in law

So my mother in law got into a serious conversation about our true feelings about each other and what we each thought my passed away wife and her daughter would want for us. Would she approve of us sleeping together? We were also smoking some legal weed which immediately made me h**** and wanting to touch her this time for sure. We both agreed my wife wanted me to be happy as she did her mother and she knew that I got hard whenever her mother got real close to me and especially if she took me any where. My wife knew that I had masturbated while thinking about f****** her mom and sister for that matter.. She also told me that when she passed she would rather know that her mom jacked me off or sucked me off but she didn't want me to kiss her in the mouth, tell her I love her or to f*** her mom in the ass because that was just so close, so personal. My mother in law said that her daughter told her to be sure to take care of her man when she's gone. She wants to believe that her daughter meant sexually but I'm not so sure. I really think that my wife was ok with the thought that one day I would probably f*** the h*** out of her mom just as a spur of the moment thing and that I would feel any love for her mom and that her mom would probably enjoy the f*** far more than me, although knowing I would fill her mom's p**** with my hot cumn and pretty quick too, her mom would probably feel my cumn and then cumn herself as her body trembled and she yelled out yes God yes. My wife knew I would then feel embarrassed and quickly get dressed and leave while her mom just lay there with her legs still spread, our cumn running out of her swollen and puffy p**** and down her ass crack resting on, in, and all around her tight but quite inviting little ass hole ! And as I laid that confession out as if It actually took place, I must go ahead and admitt that Yes, that's exactly what happened, how it happened, everything, I was just a lil embarrassed.

12 days

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