Marine g*******

live in san clemente, ca near camp pendelton in california i am a senior in high school and my confession is that i want to have s** iwth as many marines as i can. i have been in gymnastics for the past three years and i surf most every weekend, i know i have a great body. i have had s** with three guys total, and i am not a s*** by any means, it's just that when i see the marines they all look sexy to me and i secretly want them to take me to their barracks and "power f***" me until i get this fantasy out of my system. am i twisted ??? should i drive on base and just approach the first group of hot marines i see and tell them what i want this weekend ? help!!!

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  • Wow tou are so lucky it is my fantast as well these guys are SO hot !!

  • When I was at Pendelton there was a girl that came over to the barracks and it happened for her. There was quite a number of participants in the train/g*******.

  • Still looking?

  • omg that is my dream too you are not twisted.

  • Hot.
    Tell us more. :D
    did either of you do it again?

  • i was with 5 marines at 29 palms one night.... spur of the drunken moment kind of thing... it was a blast.... id do it again in a heartbeat... lol...

  • I met the three marines,lat weekend, at a club called mccabe’s in oceanside, they were in their 20 s and we all went to the hotel, it was very awkward at first, i had only had like two drinks and i was totally nervous… about everything, but it went mostly as planned, and it happened on my terms, for the most part.

    i wasn’t worried about std’s because i brought condoms with me and they were used every time, i did not perform oral s** on anyone, (although they tried to get me to) as far as regrets…i have a couple, they were very rough with me and said some things to me during that were somewhat disgusting, i guess i was expecting that anyway. one guy was videoing me and his friend on his cell phone, i couldn’t do anything about that at the time…(i was bent over) i just turned my face away. he said he erased it, he probably didn’t! whatever, and it seemed like it went on forever. i spent almost the whole day in bed on sunday, mostly thinking about what happened, and recovering. lol. I guess it's in the past now !

    i was thinking i spent $76.00 for a hotel room, lied to my parents about where i was, had my friend lie for me as well, all so i could get “ran through” as you stated before. i guess it is what it is…

  • Please do NOT do that! You will be so sorry Later.
    Marines do look great in their uniforms, but when the uniforms come off they just look the same a other guys.

    Respect your self! If you don't, no one else will.

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