Raped in college

.im a white female and i was raped by a black guy in college. i am not racist but i think i have the right to be, he kidnapped me by forcing me into a back bedroom at a party, then he sexually assaulted me, twice. during this he left the lights on in the room, and one of his friends came in the room and he said 'she's mine get out" and the guy said "i just want to watch" and he did. the guy that was raping me, did not use a condom until he was about to come, he told me "i'll be right back" like i was his girlfriend or something, and went onto the bathroom and put on a condom then he came out and finished. i started getting dressed, after he got off me and went back into the bathroom, when he came out he said "don't get dressed, i'm not done with you yet" and proceeded to rape me the same way again. it seemed like it went on forever the second time, with me crying and begging. when it was all over he and his friend drove me to my parents house and he said /threatened me with "we had a good time last night, and i know where you live" i have only told one person that this happened and i couldn't even use the word rape, we were watching "how stella got her groove back" and i had just started dating a guy that my parents hadn't met, and my friend said "you should tell your dad that derek is black as a joke" that has brought all this s*** back.

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  • RACIST! If you weren't a racist, you wouldn't have needed to say it was a black man.

  • Little white girl; BIG BLACK C***.

    Now, tell the truth; YOU LIKED IT!!

  • I did not bring this on myself, and i was with friends when this happened another story.

  • If anything ever happens again, call the police. And if you notice that guy near you ever again, make sure that you're near friends.. Don't go alone to parties anymore.

    I hope that getting it off your chest helped you, though. That was a horrible incident for you..

  • Im only 19 this happened a while back, when i was 17 and afreshman i can't tell anyone i know. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

  • Go to the police! Don't let him do it to another girl!

  • You brought in on yourself. You deserved it.

  • Go to the police! No one should get away with rape. GO NOW!!!

  • you shouldnt be so h****** yourself, i don't think youre being racist, it's just like if someone with ginger hair or green eyes had done it then you'd associate those things with them. you need to tell people about it, for your sake but also for other people - they could be doing this to other girls. you need to deal with it so you can get on with your life.

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